Videos that sparkle like a star

We are focusing on television and VOD platforms
development, production and content distribution


We are specialized in production management.
We coordinate everything from creative to production and post production.

We’ll come up with the cool ideas, exciting stories, audition and cast talent, source and secure locations, permits and insurance, and we’ll assemble the perfect crew for your production.

We also make videos. All kinds: digital, adds, drama series, music videos, live shows…. We make videos that are effective and inspiring.

Let us do all the work for you!


Linking your content and the audience for TV and VOD platforms.

As a distributor of TV and video rights and a VOD aggregator for scripted and unscripted formats such as drama series, feature films, animations and lifestyle or talent shows, we are linking you with big streamers such as Netflix or Amazon Prime but also with all the other different local and global VOD platforms and TV channels and we make sure your content is delivered to them.

Don’t get lost trying to distribute your video content or struggle on your own with the procedures and technical requirements required by the big platforms.

Let’s make something sparkling!

Our videos tell your story the way it needs to be told. Straight-up, dramatic, inspirational, funny, or way out-of-the-box.


Let’s make something sparkling!

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